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Happy Friday!!

{O N E} // Posts from this week

In case you missed it, here is what I blogged about this week.

$10 Target trip
Guys Behind the Blog

{T W O} //  New Design

I'm sure you noticed...but I changed my design again. This time it was more of a have to than a want to kind of thing. I loved the last one, but it just wasn't working. It was a pre-made template that I had purchased and there were things that I couldn't change about it. And it was missing some key elements that I wanted on my posts. And, it wasn't responsive. So, I am hoping this one works out. It's simple, but clean and I think I love it. Not 100% sure on the header, though. Looking for a font I like better. Any suggestions on what I should change? Should I add color somewhere?

 photo New design_zpsu38aidnc.png

{T H R E E} //  New nightstands

A couple weekends ago we bought some night-stands from an antique store in town. Nathan and I both saw them and thought they would be perfect in our bedroom. They go great with the headboard that we made. All we did to them was change out the knobs on them, We love them...but now we need to paint our dressers and my tall jewelry box to match!

 photo nightstands1_zps0htixax0.jpg  photo nightstands 2_zps3js1s43c.jpg

{F O U R} // DIY Farmhouse Tray

A few weeks ago Nate whipped up another little DIY for me. We have several of these wooden crates that we've been collecting. Not for anything in particular, but for something. We've seen many projects on Pinterest with them and knew we could do something with them. Then I ran across this cute little DIY Farmhouse tray that I loved. Nate said he could make me one out of one of the crates we had. And, he did.

Ignore the horrible quality of the picture! 
 photo farmhouse tray 2_zpszqci15lc.jpg  photo Farmhouse Tray_zps8vy7wpua.jpg

He cut the top layer of the crate off, got some chicken wire and stapled to the bottom of it, cut off the access and then took some linseed oil to the wood to bring out the natural grain. I need to get a better 'after' picture of it, but it's pretty cute!

{F I V E}

I've got nothing else. Have a good weekend!!


  1. Love your night stands! So cute!

  2. Love the new look! Personally I love the black and white, you could certainly add color if you want but don't need to. I agree on finding a new font for your blog name- as it is it's a little hard to read.

    ADORE the nightstands and farmhouse tray. Both are SOOO cute!!

  3. You and your DIYs! Great! The redesign looks great! So clean!

  4. Nothing wrong with simple! But it is a little hard to read texas if you don't know that it already is texas. In the header.

  5. I like the clean look, but the font is a little difficult to read.
    Those night stands!!!! Love. Them.

  6. I like the new look!!! Don't add color. I like the simplicity :) I think a simple design makes the words and the pictures the star of the blog, which I like. But I do agree on a better header font. I have no idea what to change it to but it is a little hard to read

  7. You guys are rocking the DIY projects, love them all. Can't wait to see rhe blog when I'm not on my phone too! Happy Sunday.

  8. I'm loving all the diy projects! The new design is classic! Love it! Are you designing them yourself?

  9. Love the simplicity of the new design. A small pop of color may add a nice touch.

  10. Love those bedside tables! They look awesome along with your headboard. I've been wanting to make one of those for a while now.

  11. Love love love those nightstands!!! Amazing! They look fantastic in your bedroom.

  12. Based on all the amazing DIYs you guys do, and the cute antiques you find, your house must be so cute. I feel like we need a little home tour. Love your guys' style. Loving the new design too. I know a lot of people said the font is hard to read, but I kinda like it. Apparently I'm a fan of messy cursive, if my handwriting is anything to go by ;)

  13. Those nightstands are amazing!! I love them so much. And the tray is super cool too. :)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!