{Set your timer Mama}

One night before bed Mason was watching a show on the Kindle and would not turn it off. I just happened to be setting alarms on my iPhone and noticed the {glorious} timer!! So I told him, okay Mason you have 2 more minutes and when this timer goes off on my phone you are turning the movie off.  2 minutes passed and the buzzer went off and what do you know?? He turns the Kindle off, hands it to me and nestles in to go to sleep.

I was sitting there thinking what just happened here?

It was a concept he understood and liked.

So now, he tells me to set the timer for everything!!! Getting ready, picking out toys to take with us, leaving the house, getting out of bed, getting in bed, getting in the bath, getting out of the bath, etc.

And it has been working for a month or better. 

I am almost scared writing this here is going to jinx our new system. 
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  1. That's awesome!! I think we need a timer on the telly!


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