{Five on Friday // Day Date // Silly boy}

Hubby and I took today off and are out and about trying to knock out most {if not all} of our Christmas shopping! I am excited. I just love giving to others. And I am super excited about an all day date with my hubster!!!

I hosted my sister's baby shower at my house last Saturday and didn't take 1 dang picture. I guess I was too busy 'hosting' or something! And it was cute. I wish I had pictures to show. It was a great turnout and my sister and baby were blessed. We truly are surrounded by some great people.

I've been dealing with some Mommy guilt lately. It's getting the best of me. Post on that to come...

This was my traffic this week -

And I am not complaining! So thankful I don't have to drive on the highway anymore!

Mason's school is practicing for their upcoming Christmas program and yesterday the director was making her rounds checking their progress. My little Mason Lane got in trouble for acting silly during the performance. I just can't even conceive that....

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Good luck Christmas shopping!! I hope you get everything knocked off your list. :)

  2. Wow all done in one day! That sounds crazy. How is working from home going? I don't feel like I am settled into a routine of staying home yet, I still feel like it is a long weekend or something.

  3. Girl you are so much more organized then I am! I have sat down and made our lists out but we haven't bought a single gift. I'm so excited for Christmas!

    I wish I could see Mase's school program :( I bet he's going to do heat job!

  4. I just love him!!!! What a bummer about the photos from your sister shower, I saw all your pins and was totally looking forward to seeing the party, I bet t was fabulous!!!!! What a fun day date, buying gifts is probably one of my top favorite things!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!