{Friday Randoms}

Happy Friday friends!!!

I went into this week with a discouraged heart. I think all of the car stress just took a toll on me. I had a migraine that lasted a few days and my mind was just scattered. But hey, on the bright side the stress helped me drop a few lbs. ha! Gotta find the positives.

Then Monday afternoon my week started looking up! Nate called me and said that he and his dad were in contact with our credit union getting pre-approved for a car loan and that we were looking in the 2-3% interest rate range. Nate's parents are Eagle members at our Credit Union, so they get an even better interest rate on loans. And he found us a car!! He had been searching for almost a week....looking at and comparing vehicles that we told him we liked. Then he found one that looked promising so he called the dealer and talked to them about the vehicle. They promised that it was in excellent shape and that we wouldn't be disappointed. My FIL told them that we would be out to look at it and possibly bring it home. I was soooo excited and ready! But, on the way home the dealer called and said they were putting new brakes and tires on it and that it wouldn't be ready in time for us to bring home. So, we changed our plans to Tuesday. Let me just tell you that Tuesday was the longest day ever!!! That's usually how it goes, right? Well, at 4:00 I didn't let the door hit me in the rear and I was off to pick up the Hubbs and Father in Law from work. We had to drive from Grand Prairie to Plano in traffic. It took us right at an hour. We got there, found our sales guy, sat down and filled out some preliminary paperwork while they finished detailing the car. We were all so nervous, hoping that the traffic on 75 was worth it. We saw the car pull up and Nate and I just looked at each other and smiled. We knew what each other was thinking! The car was gorgeous!!!!! It was definitely more than what we were expecting. We went out and checked out the car closer and the inside, engine, frame, etc. Immaculate. Then we test drove it and Charlie {sales guy} filled it up for us. Nate drove and said the car felt awesome. He was in love with it, just as was I. We got back to the dealer and looked the car over once more. We couldn't find anything wrong with it. The 1 previous owner must have babied this car.

So what is it?

A 2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS
{with less than 20k miles on it}


We told good ole Charlie boy that we wanted it and lets finish up. He went to his finance guy and we were called back in less than 20 minutes. That process was smooth since we already did the pre-approval through our car lot. He printed everything out, slapped on our paper tag and we were ready! We spoke to the manager and let them know how pleased we were with the smooth process and that Charlie treated us good! Then we were out!

Nate's dad drove back the rental and we drove in ours. We got 34.5 mpg on the way back! Whoop whoop! Wednesday we returned our rental and now we're working on the GAP coverage for the Camry. That's another headache! Mercy!

I started watching Graceland this week. I really like it!

So, I just purchased us tickets to Medieval Times for this weekend. We are so excited. It will be Mason's first time to go. Have you ever been? I hope that he likes it and has fun.

That about sums up our week. How was yours? Any plans for the weekend? 



  1. ohh much congratulations, there is nothing better then a new car! :)

  2. Oh, it is so pretty!! Love it!! :)

  3. Love the car! Glad everything worked out or the better!

  4. Love the new car! Just caught up a little bit on your blog! Sorry to hear about your accident and your Camry (my mother-in-law swears by them), and so glad you are ok!

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  6. New cars are exciting! Particularly when you have a good buying experience - in my opinion, nothing ruins a fun, fancy new car more than a jerk salesman! And, I'm loving Graceland too! :)

  7. So excited for you two! I almost just wrote the same exact comment as above, but she is my best friend after all! We are loving Graceland and the last time I was at Medeival times was with Rebekah! Looked like yall had an amazing time!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!