{Doing everything BIG}


Mason, my love, you are such a passionate little thing. Everything you do in life you do it BIG. You give it your all. For lack of better words, you give it hell! Your passion? Makes me so darn proud to be your Mother!!

When you play, you play BIG! You have the most vivid imagination. I love to sit and just listen to you. You're a little bossy when you play, but that's okay. You're a leader.

When you want something you want it BIG. There is no telling you no and you will not stop until you get what you want. You're lucky you're cute. 

When you sing and dance you do it BIG. You settle for nothing less than loud when it comes to listening to music in the car. You sing and dance your sweet little heart out. Mommy and Daddy love to watch you. Music is definitely one of your biggest loves. And, you have great taste in music.

When you love? You love BIG. Your tender little soul pours out with each hug and each kiss you give us. You say the sweetest things and even throw us a few "I love You's" throughout each day without us having said it first. You are such a sweet boy!! And you definitely love to hand out compliments.

And the tantrums? Oh you better believe those are BIG as well. You scream with your mouth wide open and shed huge crocodile tears. You know how to work it.

Baby boy you are the biggest parts of our lives and we love you oh so BIG. And you continue to humble me in a BIG BIG way.

My boy. My heart. My love.

Updated - Hubby just reminded me about this picture. Perfect. Just perfect.



  1. Love this post!! And his pretty eyes!!

  2. He's such a doll. I love the name Mason!

    I love how you said he makes you humble. :) This makes me so excited to pop out our little one! Hurry up January!


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