{On being a single parent...}

Okay, so this little draft {with only a title} somehow got published...and many people saw it. So, now I have to finish this post for all of the inquiring minds.  I've already gotten several emails!!

Let me start by saying that everything is completely well. Nathan and I are great and no we aren't splitting. Nor do we plan to. Ever.

Nathan works for a company that has many government contracts. He just so happens to be working on one that is in high gear with a hot deadline. What does that mean? Lots of overtime! He's been working 7 days a week - 10-12 hours a day for over 2 months now. 

The extra money has been nice. But, I miss my hubby! I am so thankful this is only temporary.

Anyhow, with Nathan working so much it's just been Mason and I. Whoa! Now, I love that little guy more than life itself. He's so much fun to be around and truly is my little best friend. But, that doesn't mean it's not hard sometimes. 

I have a deeper respect for single parents. 

It's hard!

Even the simple things we take for granted, like going to pee by yourself. 

And when Nate gets home from work in the evenings? It's still 'all mom' all the time! Take Mason to potty? Mom. Get Mason a drink? Mom. Give Mason a bath? Mom. I mean everything. 

I'm not complaining at all. There's nothing on Earth I'd rather be than a Mommy. I'm just stating the facts. It's challenging. And I respect all of you that do this day in and day out.

And I am thankful that I do have a husband. Even if he's loaned out right now! 




  1. So happy you clarified! I saw the post and my heart sank OH NO.. I just love your sweet family together. Thank goodness this is only temporary.

  2. I totally saw the post and never you two were splitting! thats just crazzzyy. But anywho, It does give you greater appreciation for the single parent, every time cameron goes out of town for work and Im stuck here (to fend for myself...jk) I always wonder how the heck they do it! Cameron helps so much even if I dont notice, just his "cool and laid back" self helps me!

  3. I totally feel ya. Bless Nate. Michael worked JUST LIKE THIS at his last job and Daven had just turned one! He worked 3-11pm + later on in the night. Daven was SOOOO a Mommy's boy. Another reason I quit work. Michael and I never, ever seen each other.

    It gets very lonely at times and yes the money is good, but like you said...you miss your hubby. I missed my best friend and I missed my partner. It was little things that I longed for like eating dinner as a family.

    God took care of us when Michael got this job he has now. The work hours are great, the pay IS NOT - but we learned that money is def. what makes us and or simply makes us happy.

    Praying things are back to normal soon sweetie. Mason is growing up so fast - he looks like a big boy in these pictures!

  4. ^not what makes us...(sorry) - using my phone

  5. My husband works out of town for weeks at a time in the fall and winter and I always get the "single Mom blues". It's definetely a challenge. I love my kid, but being with him day in and day out with no break can be quite the push on Mama's brain. A little "me time" usually does the trick but only temperarily. I hope you find a fix for the "single Mom blues" soon!

  6. My hubby is a police officer and I TOTALLY know how you feel. Evenings alone, weekends alone, birthday parties alone, family events... you guessed it... alone! It does give you a greater appreciation of the single parents out there. I am glad yours is temporary though. :) Some days I wish mine was, but hubby loves his job so that is really all that matters.

  7. I feel ya hon!! We are on day 6 of Brent being gone for work. I'm just so tired! He's only home for like 1.5 hrs in the evening before AJ goes to bed but I really miss that extra pair of hands! Plus I don't sleep when he's not here :(

  8. Your little boy is seriously perfect. I love him! I want to kidnap him. Haha! Also, having a husband out of town really is so so hard. It seems like I've experienced a lot of that in the short time we have been married. You're doing great! And Mason is so blessed to have you as his mama.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!