{That time hubby and I went to Ranger's Opening Day...}

Whoa! Just realized I never posted about Opening Day 2013! Where in the world have I been? ha! 

Well, we went.

Had a blast tailgating.

And then sad to admit, the game was kind of boring.

I can't believe I just said that! I absolutely LOVE Ranger games! There's just something about the ballpark. It's one of my "Happy Places". The smell of the concession food and fresh cut grass, the sound of the ball hitting off the bat, the songs the players choose as they walk up to bat, the crowd, and the game. I just love the "atmosphere" of the ballpark. I will jump at any chance I can to go to a game. It's America's My Favorite Pastime!

The opening ceremonies were quite touching. Robbie Parker, the father of Emily Parker who passed away in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, threw out the first pitch. Talk about emotional! Ivan Rodriguez caught the pitch. Amazing. 


But after all the Opening Day ceremonies were over, the hype and excitement died down in our section. Everyone in our group had too much fun tailgating and were quiet during the game. Seriously! At one point I counted 4 people asleep. FOUR! ha! It was pretty funny. But, really, that should tell you right there how "quiet" our section was! 

But all in all...not much beats being at the Ballpark!


  1. Complete blasttttt! I cant wait to make it to a ball game this year, we always have a blast and love tailgating too!! except this summer ill have a tad bit different take on tailgating if you catch my drift. lol

    you two are adorable as always!

  2. We just went to our first Ranger's game this past Saturday against the Mariner's. I'm not a baseball fan at all, my love is the NFL. But the food is soooo good at baseball games!! I just sit there and eat the whole time!


  3. So fun! I love baseball games too! You need to check out MinimeDesignz ByMeg on FB (https://www.facebook.com/#!/minimedesignz.bymeg?fref=ts) she posted a TX Ranger headband and I instantly thought of you :)


  4. I could care less about watching a baseball game on TV, but I LOVE going to the ballpark! Looks like a great day : )

  5. You know I loved this post before I even read it just because of the title! The ballpark is one of my Happy Places too!! Great pictures!

  6. We are Red Sox and Cubs fans here.....the Cubs' triple A team plays in town and we loooovvee being at any ballpark!!

  7. So much fun! We always say we are going to go to the Washington Nationals Opening Day, but it always sneaks up on us before we can make arrangements. We do hope to get to at least one game this year! We are wondering if Will is old enough to sit through a game or if we should leave him home at this age. Did you guys take Mason?


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!