{Run and hide your crazy...}

Nathan's dad tells us a story of Nate's mom back when Nate was younger...it goes a little something like this.

Nate's playing coach pitch, his dad is coaching and his mom is in the stands. 
The other team's coach is pitching to his team and a ball is hit up the middle...Nate runs to make a play on it and runs into the coach.  
Nate's Mom is at the fence yellin' "Get out of his way". 
The coach yells back, "I'm doing the best I can lady!" 
Then the Umpire tells Nate's dad..."Coach, you need to quiet down your parents!" 
Nate's dad laughs and says, "Ump, she's not just a parent. That's my wife! You try to keep her quiet!!"

So going to be me, only x10.
 I mean, we are mixing two of my favorite things in the world; baseball and my son.
Two things of which bring out a competitive nature in me.

Run and hide your crazy...

It's just BlastBall. Save the crazy for Tball. 



Go Iron Pigs!!!


PS - Saturday is our first game...if this wetness would hurry and dry.



  1. That is hilarious! My in-laws have quite a few stories about my father in law in the stands at baseball games. Gotta love passionate parents!!

  2. Bhahahaha! I wish I could come see him play. I bet he has everyone laughing. So sweet!


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