{PT 2 - Easter Sunday}

Sunday morning we woke up to a downpour! And of course all of Mason's Easter basket goodies were in the trunk of my car {safest place to hide something from a two year old}. Luckily Mason wasn't ready to get out of bed right away and the rain let up enough to let me run to my car.  Mason loved his Easter basket from the "Easter Bunny". He was so excited! That Easter bunny sure is a smart fella...he knew everything Mason liked. He got a Ninja Turtle, A Ninja turtle mask and cape, The Story of Easter book, a kite, bubbles, a Ninja Turtle flash light, pajamas, and candy eggs. After Mason finished going through his basket Daddy cooked him a waffle and I read him the Easter story. It was such a special moment and my heart was so full. 

We hung out in our Pajamas and played for a while. Then we got ready to head over to Nana and Papa's house to visit. And what do you know?? The Easter Bunny left him a basket over there too! He even left a trail of marshmallows from the back door where he must have come in. I'm pretty sure Mason ate a few of them off the floor. He's all boy! 

 After he opened his Easter goodies we went outside to play! Nate had his kite up and going when we came out. So, while Mase was distracted with the kite his uncle T-Ty hid some money eggs for him. He was so funny, each time he'd find a egg he would open it right away and say, "Woo hoo, I got another penny" - even though they were quarters!! It was the cutest.

After he found all of his eggs he went for a swing, ate a Popsicle or two, blew tons of bubbles and played his little heart out. He was a busy little guy!

Mason, Uncle T-Ty and Nathan
We left around 2:30 because it was time for lunch/early supper at my parents house. We were expecting it to be only my immediate family there, but had quite the surprise. My aunt and cousin were in from Florida visiting and came over to visit! It was awesome. Mom cooked an amazing meal, as always and we hung out and visited. We were actually able to get all 4 of the boys to take a picture for us! That's not an easy task these days!!

Jaxon, Eli, Tanner and Mason

Then we hid all the eggs for the boys. I wish I would have taken a picture because the yard was covered in eggs. They boys each got so many eggs, it was unreal! Mason racked up another $5 bucks and lots of candy. He was excited.  

Oh and a video he made for Amanda and baby T. :)

What a sweet, fun day with family, love and full hearts.

As I look through these pictures and feel those memories made I can't help but be thankful. Thankful to Jesus for making that Ultimate sacrifice so that I can spend these special moments with my sweet little family. Thank you Jesus!!


  1. What a great day! I thought the Easter bunny was nice giving me a Starbucks card, but Mason made out a whole lot better than I! A kite and Ninja Turtles... not jealous at all.

  2. Adorable!! All those boys, seriously how cute :) that's how it looks but with all girls in our family! What great memories and he totally scored!

    My girls have an uncle Ty Ty too!

  3. ohh my gosh that plaid shirt, my heart is officially melted. What a doll!

  4. He is so handsome in his plaid shirt! Looks like you had beautiful weather! Such a fun Easter basket with the toys and books!!

  5. What a beautiful Easter!! :)


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