{Embrace the Camera - 11.17.11}

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Oh sweet boy! Last week was such a trying week. You pushed every last button and boundary that you could. You clearly know right from wrong, but you like to teeter on the wrong and see what you can get away with! It's been fun. ha. You've been in such a cranky mood {thanks TEETH, thanks}.
But then you are so incredibly sweet. It's hard to get mad at ya! 
This week has been a little better {besides your teeth hurting}.

Last night you were so hyper after your bath and in such a good mood. I tried to get as many pictures as I could! You weren't having it, though. You just wanted to play, play play!

My hair is wet, not greasy - I promise ;)


  1. I love your sweet pictures despite Mason being crazy all week :-)

  2. I hear you. I can be so frustrated and then my daughter comes and gives me a hug and I forget that I was mad at her. Cute photos!

  3. He is so adorable even with a totally disgruntled look. I know those days too even with my son being older than Mason. Lucky they are so cute, huh?


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