{Update on School}

I haven't updated on school in a while, so here goes.
You still love it. You're especially fond of your teacher, Niesha. You have called her "Esha" up until recently. Now you say it like "Asha". Not sure why you changed it. :) But it's cute!
Every morning we pull up I say, "Mason where are we?" and you say "SCHOOLLL" so enthusiastically. I hope it stays that way throughout the years. I pray that you're always excited about school and eager to learn.
Because right now? You have a hunger for learning new things.
Your teacher says you are always good in class. {Whew}
Yall have around 12 kids now, 13 on some days.
Mrs. M at the front gives you 2 skittles every morning and in return you tell her, "Thank you", "Happy Day" and "Love you". She melts.
You can count to 6 {when you want to of course}.
You know the color green and yellow really well.
You know some shapes, oval being one of them.

You've learned several songs that you know many of the words to:
The wheels on the bus {You do all of the hand motions}
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Old McDonald Had a Farm - you love the EIEIO part!
You're eating is getting better {at lunchtime}
You sleep well at naptime every day.

You love to go over all of the kids in your class' names. If I forget one you remind me.

The last few days I have let you walk in to school instead of me carrying you. You walk in so confident like you own the place! It's adorable.

And your "Schoolwork" is getting better each time. You used to only color 1 line on your paper...now you fill the paper up!

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  1. how adorable! i wish my Mason went to a daycare/school sometimes so he could have all these experiences!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!