{The day Mason grew up}

It was a Friday night...Nate was playing softball and I had Mason in the stands.
He was giving wearing me plum out...wanting to run in the dugout, out on the field, pull the extension cord to the scoreboard {why it's in the reach of children is beyond me}, climb up and down the stairs, stand on the folding stadium style chairs...etc. Just being a typical toddler boy. 
I was stressing just a little....okay, a lot.

Then I had a bright idea...take him to the park, duh!!
And that's when he grew up.
Right then and there.
He saw all the other kids playing on the playground equipment and joined them...never skipped a beat.
I don't know what it was, but it hit me like a ton of bricks....he's no longer a baby! He's a big toddler playing on a playground with a bunch of older kids.
And? He was so proud of himself. Like biggest smile in the world, proud.
I was holding back tears.

Why does time go by so fast??
Why do they grow up in the blink of an eye??
It's bittersweet, I tell ya! 

....I can just hear someone in my family saying, "Guess you know what that means?? Time to have another one?"



  1. I think the same thing when I see my kid playing with other kids. It's like she has no fear, she can do what anyone else does without even thinking. It's really scary, but I love seeing her so happy.

  2. my Mason just did something the other day too that just floored me that 'wow, he isn't a baby is he?'! but for some reason he doesn't like playgrounds..he will follow kids around and walk around the outside of it but doesn't like to climb on them! hmmm

  3. I know its so hard to believe that our boys are growing up!!! You have to admit that is a pretty cool playground though lol!!!


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