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16 month Pictures...long over due
{Pictures that is}
Okay - taking pictures of a toddler just may be the hardest thing ever!
I didn't get 15 month pictures because, well, I just knew it'd be a bust.
Mason is always.on.the.go. Never stops. We're always chasing him.
Mason was pretty calm and so very sweet on Sunday morning...so I thought it'd be a good time to try pictures.
Mason did not want to stay still at all.
Most of these are not as clear as I'd like...but that's okay! At least it captures our life 100% at this time!!!

**Edit - I forgot to mention that Mason always wants to wear his hat backwards now. When we put it on the right way he says, "Fix It" hahaha!

He's obsessed with tractors...especially these collectors edition set!

Weight - around 26.5 lbs and counting!
Height - ?
Diapers - size 5
Clothes - 18mth jeans, 24 mth and 2T shirts
Shoes - size 5

Vocabulary -
Growing like crazy!
Will repeat anything you ask him to say.
Starting to put 2, 3 and 4 word sentences together.

Smarts: {for lack of a better word}
Can count to 5
Knows A, B and C
B is obviously his favorite letter - points it out everywhere
Knows most colors - mostly points out green.
Learning nursery rhymes - favorites are wheels on the bus and if you're happy and you know it
In the toddler class at school with mostly 2 year olds
Knows the difference between a car and a truck {has for a while now}
The difference between a boy and a girl
Knows the name of all the kids in his class, only 1 he can't say well {but we can't either!}
Can tell you the sounds of a lot of animals; sheep, monkey, dog, kitty, elephant, cow, chicken, duck, and even a Dinosaur!!

Tractors {more like an obsession}
Mommy & Daddy
Riding on the "Scooter" {trail wagon} with Papa
Being outside
Juice {apple}

Masonbug - Mommy and Daddy love you so very much! I know I say this every month, but each day with you is more fun than the day before.  You have such a happy and silly little spirit and you keep us smiling! We are so proud of the little guy you are growing up to be. You are such a loveable little man; always giving hugs and kisses, saying I love you, please and Thank You. We just can't get enough of you! Thank you for all that you have brought into our lives. I hope you know just how much you are loved sweet boy!!

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  1. I wanna squeeze those cheeks! These are by far the cutest pictures I've ever seen!

  2. I seriously LOVE these pictures! His outfit is too cute!
    Totally know how you feel about the difference of taking a picture of a baby to a toddler. It really is SO much harder. lol.

  3. Hello from another Mason Mommy!! My guy is 18 months and we've REALLY been hit and miss over the monthly pictures these days for the same reason - they just don't cooperate like they use to, do they?! LOL

    Your little man is SO cute!! And stylin too!! Love the pics!!

  4. I've been having a really hard time getting pictures of my daughter lately too. I think you did a really good job and his outfit is adorable. That's amazing that he can count to 5 at only 16 months.

  5. Now I start to like taking pictures especially the object is this kind of cute one. Beautiful one! The outfit looks good to him. Obviously cute.

  6. Here from the blog hop! Your son is so adorable - and what a smartypants! My daughter is almost 16 months too - they really do grow so fast. : )


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