{Go Rangers!!!}

Let me just start off by saying I love my Texas Rangers!!!!
Nathan and I are lifelong fans and have waited, oh, 30 years to see them win a World Series.
I think this is their year!!!
I say that Mason is their good luck charm {naturally}
He's 2 for 2!!!
And what do I love even more??
Hearing my sweet boy yell for the Rangers.
He loves baseball and that just tickles us silly.
Here are some videos of Mason yelling for the Rangers!!
Let's Go!!

Napopee!! {Napoli}

Napopee!! {again}


  1. so cute!!! I am not a big baseball fan but we are cheering them on! How cool would it be to have the Mavs and the Rangers hold titles!

  2. So cute! I'm not a huge baseball fan (I played it when I was younger and my mom still plays so I'm around it...), but I am cheering for the Rangers! I'm a Texas girl. :)

    Actually just made me a Rangers headband...check my blog tomorrow for the pics! I think it turned out cute.

  3. Oh they wouldn't work for me but I have to stop by later to see him!


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