{Catch-up Post}

Sorry for being MIA lately! A lot has been going on. {as always}
Catching up here...

Friday after Mason got out of school we noticed he was warm and was quickly getting warmer. We ran around the corner from my work to CVS and bought a thermometer and some Motrin. His temp read 104. We gave him the Motrin and contemplated going to the emergency room. We decided to wait it out a bit. Mason's temperature quickly came down and he wasn't showing any other symptoms of being sick, just tired. The fever came out of nowhere. Friday night we spent at home just lounging and hanging out. Saturday Mason ran fever off and on, but it never exceeded past 102. I noticed that his sinus area looked swollen and started wondering if he had a sinus infection. But that baffled me too, because he didn't have green/yellow snot {sorry, tmi}, and he acted fine, just a little stuffy. I also wondered about an ear infection because he was so much worse at night time, when lying down. That and he kept scratching behind his ears. {It's amazing all the things you think it "could" be} Sunday he was pretty much fever free...but around 3-4pm I noticed a rash on his tummy and back. Of course that's a sign of strep throat...but he never once acted like his throat hurt him. Monday he went to school and did great, but his nose was bleeding a little. 

So, I made him an appointment for Tuesday morning. I wanted to rule out things like an ear infection or strep...in case he needed antibiotics. We went to a new doctor {I'll post about soon}. LOVE! Seriously. She looked at Mason and thought maybe he had Fifth's Disease {a viral infection that causes fever and a rash}. She looked at his throat and it looked fine. She was really doubting strep, but wanted to swab him just in case. She said the rash didn't really seem like a "strep" type of rash. By the time we had gotten to the dr the rash was really red and covered all of his stomach and back and a little on his neck and legs. They swabbed him and 10 minutes later much to both of our surprise, it was strep. What?!? He's been eating and drinking fine, has never acted like he has a sore throat, barely any coughing or anything {Praise God}. He's been fever free since Saturday, too.

We got his antibiotic and I gave it to him around 10:45 am on Tuesday morning. By evening time his rash was already fading, and his nose was a little more clear. This morning when we woke up the rash was completely gone. I think Mason is already responding well to the antibiotics. Yay!

So, needless to say - we spent our weekend snuggled up on the couch, in our jammies watching College football {GO OU!!!} and a little Post Season baseball {GO RANGERS}. And of course Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Chuggington too!!

Minus our sweet boy not feeling that well, we had a great weekend. It was nice to just be home and doing nothing. And I mean nothing. That's rare for us. 

Here it is Wednesday and I haven't blogged in like forever. Monday was hectic, Most of Tuesday was spent running around {dr, drug store, etc} and now here we are, Wednesday - Boom! Work has been insanely busy and when we're not working we are having to pack up our office. We're moving the weekend of the 22nd. I'm hoping this is a blessing. It's a lot closer to home and Mason's school. I just hope with the traffic it's not a worse drive than I make to Arlington. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great week so far.

Pictures -
It was a little rainy on Sunday - and by "a little" I mean enough for me to dig out Mason's rain boots and take some pictures!!

Look at all of that hair.

Thanks Aunt Nonna for the awesome rain boots!

Throwing a fit because I made him come inside.

Then he saw his tractor and all is right with the world!


  1. why am I not surprised that Mason has camo print rain boots!!?

  2. I featured your blog and gave you the Liebster award! Check it out!


  3. my mason also freaks out every time he has to come inside...he is too cute! but I may be biased to boys named Mason with blonde hair :)

  4. Those are the best rain boots! Sorry he was so sick and glad the antibiotics helped so fast. Sometimes it's good to take a weekend to do nothing but be with each other, no plans...hope your move goes well.

  5. so glad the medicine is working. i hate seeing little ones in pain. and yet they're such little fighters. so resilient!! btw - those rainboots are the bomb.com


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