{Weekend Wrap-up - Pictures and Videos}

Time to talk about our weekend...I mean, it's only Wednesday! ha!
This week is flying by {obviously}.
We had another great weekend...just wish they lasted longer.

Friday we had our follow up apt at Children's hospital for Mason. It was to meet with the Neurologist {procedural apt for first time seizure patients} to see if they felt the need for further testing. At the beginning of the apt they took his blood pressure, weight, height and head circumference.

Height - 31 inches
Weight - 25lbs, 5oz
Head - 41 {I believe, Mason was crying at this point, didn't want that thing wrapped around his noggin'}

Blood pressure was good.

Then we met with the specialist. She took Mason's info from birth until now and put it in the computer at Children's. Anytime we go there they will have everything right there in front of them {let's pray we never have to go there again, though!} We talked for probably an hour and she checked all of Mason's vitals. She didn't see the need for any further testing...so no EEG, or Catscan. Yay! She said that the seizure was a result of coming off the virus, dehydration and low glucose levels. She said it's pretty common for kids his age. The Specialist is very confident it will not happen again, but gave us some helpful information just in case it does. We do not have to see the Neurology dept again, unless he has another seizure.

Praise the Lord!!

I am incredibly thankful for the health of my baby boy.

Being in that waiting room {with not so healthy kids} was a very humbling experience. It was so hard to see all of those babies in wheel chairs and whatnot. It was such a struggle and heavy on my heart. On one side I was incredibly thankful that my son is healthy and on the other my heart was hurting for all of the kids who weren't. Lord please touch and heal them all.

The rest of the day was spent at the outdoor mall in Cedar Hill and Babies/Toys R Us. Mason did so well, never even fussed to get out of the buggy. Yay! We had a really great day!We treated him to some new toys for being such a good boy.

New Tractor book from Barnes & Noble

Trying on a batting helmet @ Toys R Us
That evening was Nate's softball game at Big League Dreams. Mason loves it there. He feels like such a big kid hanging out with his friends.

After the game we went to dinner with good friends at El Fenix. We got there 10 minutes before closing and they sat us and treated us very well.

Mason, Nate and Kynna @ El Fenix

Saturday was pretty much a Mama/Mason day! It was nice, but we missed Daddy so much. Nate had a Union Meeting for work that took about 3 1/2 hours of his day. He came home and had lunch with us and was gone again. His best friend invited him to game 6 of the RANGERS/Detroit playoff game. He had a blast. Mason took a 2 1/2 hour nap that afternoon and then he and I went to Walmart. He was sooooooo good! Of course we didn't leave there without a few goodies for him! He got a new Turtle toy holder for the bathtub, a new bath sponge, new bath toys and those fizz color changers for the bathtub. He loves it all, but makes it even harder to get him out of the tub! That evening we hung out at home, made pizza and watched the game. We took a few silly pictures too!

Nathan and Trent at the game

Sunday was a family fun day. We went to the Texas State Fair. We got there early - like before anything even opened. Our first stop - none other than the John Deere tractor stand, of course. Mason scored big time. He got new tractors, a new tractor cup, a John Deere hat and his Nana and Papa got him a few Christmas gifts. Mason isn't spoiled in the slightest. ha. Mason seemed to love the Fair and was really good for us. He sat in his stroller a lot of the time {which doesn't happen too often these days}. Mason rode 3 rides with Daddy and seemed to love them. Mommy and Daddy had a Fletcher's Corn Dog {of course} and Mason had a grilled cheese on Texas Toast. We checked out all of the vehicles and Mason loved "driving" the big trucks. We were there a little over 3.5 hours. Mason was asleep before we even got out of the parking lot.

Trying out the "Big" Ford Truck

April and I

Daddy didn't like this one too much, went too high in the air. ha

I love Mason's face in this one

Story about these pictures - they're all taken with my phone because somebody {me} left the memory card for our big camera in the computer. I was so mad at myself!!!

And a couple of videos.

Mason has gotten down the word "No". And it's the cutest No in the world.

And the ride at the Fair. This one is kind of noisy.

How was your weekend?


  1. looks like a really fun and busy weekend! yay for a healthy Mason!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!