{First Birthday Cont...Rainforest Cafe}

{Catching Up!! Sorry I've gotten so behind!!}

The Sunday after Mason's birthday we went to the Rainforest Cafe. We thought he'd love it there. The host asked if it was okay to sit us by the Gorilla and naturally we said Yes! Oh boy!!!!!!!! We didn't know the ginormous Gorilla went off every 3 minutes making all kinds of noise and shaking his whole body. Mason was terrified. It was surprising because Mason's not scared of much! He just about jumped out of his high chair and into our arms! It was so sad, but I'm not gonna lie - it was nice knowing my baby boy needed his Momma!! When the Gorilla wasn't going nuts we would take Mason over and let him touch it. When he realized it was a "toy" and not going to hurt him then he got comfortable with it. Well, in the best way he could. He never turned his back to the Monkey. :) He loved the other parts of the Rainforest Cafe because there were birds everywhere. That boy loves birds! 

We had a really great time. After dinner we took him to Build-A-Bear. We went with the intentions of making the Longhorn so that it would go with his Farm themed room. But he picked out a Puppy instead. The boy knows what he wants! It's really cute and Mason loves it. 

Before the Gorilla went off:

And after:

And away from the Gorilla!:

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