{Eating Issues}

Mason has always been a great eater. So it was a big surprise to us that he wouldn't eat many stage 3 baby foods, or any table foods. Apparently Mr. Mason has really strong gag reflexes. So bad that he would gag/choke and then puke. It's awful. Pure awful. We've tried many things with absolutely no luck at all. We've addressed this with his doctor and she's found no major issues rather than those daggum gag reflexes. All we can do is practice and practice. He's slowly getting better, but not quite eating chicken nuggets and pizza yet.

We bought him some of the little toddler trays to try. He only took a couple of "licks" off his fingers and played the rest of the time. So that was a bust. But the pictures are pretty fun. 

You can bet he went straight to the bath afterward!

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