{Weekend Wrapup}

On Friday, Feb 25 we had a family day. I used a vacation day at work so that I could spend some time with my boys!! Our morning started off with a trip to IKEA. We had so much fun. There was hardly anyone there, so we were able to browse around easily! 

Our handsome boy on the way there! 

Yay, we made it!!

Eating brunch!

Doesn't he look SO big??

On the elevator to go downstairs..

And on the way back home...

After IKEA we had to go back home to get ready for a Memorial Service for a very good friend's father. 

Before we left the house Mason spotted a picture of himself and of course we had to bring it with us!

Mason got to see his good buddies; Easton and Kinley.

It was so neat to see them interact with each other! They're at such a fun age!!

Saturday was spent running many errands.

- Took Diesel to the Groomer
- Took Nate's truck to the muffler shop
- Quick visit to Pete and Repeat where Mason scored some fab. Nike Shox
- Oil Change in my car
- Lunch at Taco Bell
- Gun show
- Trip to Cedar Hill - Houston Street Outfitters so that I could get these beauties:


- Then to visit Nana and Papa until Diesel was ready to be picked up. Mason got to swing in his swing!!

He loves it! Especially when you push him high!! Oh boy!
- Then to pick up Diesel
- Back to the Gun show to take Uncle T.Y.
- Grabbed dinner and back to watch a movie (The newest Karate Kid with Will Smith's son)

Sunday had another family day...full of more errands and hanging out! 

More random pictures.

Mason helping Mommy get ready.

Sleepy boy and happy boy in the car.

 Playing in Papa's Boat.

Playing with Daddy's glove.

Looking at the baby chicks at Atwoods.

I just love our weekends!!

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