{40 Weeks}

Our sweet baby boy is now 40 weeks!!!
(as of Tuesday, March 1st...catching up) 

That's 280 days, 6720 hours, 403,200 minutes that you have been with us Mason!! Most remarkable 403,200 minutes of my life!! 
Mason, I can't believe you are 9 month's old. 9 months?? How did that happen! It's true that life goes by so much quicker when you're watching through the eyes of your child. Time needs to slow down! I don't want to miss a moment!!!

Let’s see, at 40 weeks...pretty much the same...

-  Dada is still your favorite word!! You say it all the time and it never gets any less cute!
- Your vocabulary is growing. Mostly with words only you understand, but always hearing new ones! As of right now you can say (when you want to)
Diesel (but you only whisper it)
Eddie (your stuffed elephant)
- You love to “dance". Music or no music.
- You are still taking steps when holding your hands
- You have "stood" up many times by yourself
- Still love your toes
- Sleeping has been great. You are taking 1 to 2 bottles throughout the night.
- You take a 6oz bottle about every 3 hours during the day. 8oz bottle at bed time.
- Still doing well with the solids.You eat 1 4oz jar at lunch time and 2 4oz jars in the evening most of the time. You don't really want anything to do with rice cereal in a bowl.
- You're getting SO close to crawling. You get on all fours and rock and you have that determination in your eyes to just GO. We know it will not be long.
- You love to sit up on your own and play with your toys. 
- As for clothes – most of your pants are size 12-18 months, shirts are mostly 12 months, pajamas are mostly 12-18 months.
- In size 4 diapers
- Love puffs and water in a sippy cup
What's going on this week...

- You look more and more like a toddler everyday and less like a baby. Mostly because you're ridiculously smart! We love watching you grown and excel.

- We estimate you to be around 23ish pounds.
- You are almost completely out of 9 month clothing. The 9mth shirts show your belly and the pants, well we'll just save those for a flood. :)
- You do really well with solid foods unless you are just entirely too tired to eat. As for puffs, you are not feeding them to yourself yet. You make us do that. You just like to play with them and push them around the table. 

- Your new trick with water is to take a drink and then slowly let it dribble down your mouth/chin. We can't keep your shirts dry! Good thing it's getting warmer. 
- You love straws and will basically leap out of our arms in attempts to grab one! And if you see one you do not take your eyes off it and make these little noises and rock your body in that direction to try to get us to take you to the straw! It's hilarious! It's just not the safest "toy". 

- Back to you being smart - you definitely know how to push our buttons. You throw a fake fit/crying temper tantrum to get what you want. You know we can't stand to hear you cry and usually give you what you want. Daddy says that Mommy has spoiled you; but he does it too. 
- When something excites you you clap your hands and smile and squeal. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
- You're so full of smiles lately and we love it. Makes us feel like we're doing something right!

- When we're laying down to sleep I will kiss your cheek and say, "I love you sugar booger butt" and you crack up. 

- You have started your own vocabulary and you definitely know what you're saying because you repeat yourself saying the same words. One day we'll figure it out. Or do we want to?? ha

- Mommy's favorite time is when I come to pick you up. I will sneak into the house and creep up on you. You get sooooo excited the minute you see me and it makes the long days so worth it. And I also love our mornings together. You're so cuddly, loveable and sweet. And happy! You always wake up happy and it's so refreshing!!! Reminds me that each day we get to wake up we need to Thank God for another day and to be happy! 

- I also love when we get home and Daddy runs out of the house to get you out of the car. You smile and squeal in the backseat as soon as you see him! Such sweet moments!! And then you usually grab his work badge off his neck. 

Oh Masonbug, we love you sweet boy!

40 Week Pictures:


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