Sweet baby Mason - you woke Mommy up at 3:55am this morning kicking and turning flips! I joked on Facebook and said that you just know Winter Olympics are on and it's inspired you to practice your gymnastic skills in my belly! I think you are going for the GOLD, seriously!! And you were using my bladder for a trampoliene, my lungs for a vault, and then of course there was the floor exercise!!!! haha! Although I am craving sleep right now, I would much rather you wake me up that early than to not feel you at all. I love all the movements and to know that you are up and at it. :) I love you sweet boy!

This weekend I made you some letters to hang on your wall. Each one is a 5x7 frame with a letter to spell your name. The background is cow print to match your bedding. I am in love with them. :)

Can't wait to get these on your wall!

Well, pregnancy is starting to get very interesting. Mommy can barely shave her legs, tie her shoes or paint her toes anymore. I tried all of the above yesterday and thought I was going to pass out! I couldn't breathe. I had to paint one toe and then take a breather. lol! I told Daddy last night that I just can't imagine getting any bigger than I am right now. He laughed and said, "You still have 3 months to go". It's amusing to him, I am sure!! But baby, you just keep growing all you need to!! Mommy will be fine!!!

How far along? 27 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: +20lbs

Stretch marks: Nope (fingers crossed)

Maternity Clothes? A Must!

Sleep: What’s that?!?! Mason likes to kick/turn when it’s bed time and then again between 3-5 am!! But that’s okay, I’d rather him wake me up then to not feel him at all!

Movement: See above! Moving all the time and I love it. Starting to see the movement from the outside of my belly!!!

Food Cravings: Mexican food, lettuce

Food Aversions: popcorn

Symptoms: Sleepy, heartburn

Belly button in or out? Almost out!

What am I looking forward to? Dr appt on Wednesday, getting to hear Mason’s heartbeat.

Weekly Joy: The kicks and movements! Daddy got to feel Mason flip over or do some sort of trick the other night!

Here's a picture. Not the best quality, as it's from my camera phone...but I will get better ones later!



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