Dr. Appt - 2-24-2010

Wednesday was my normal Dr. Checkup. First of all I get there and there is not a single parking place open anywhere near the entrance to the hospital (side where my dr office is). I drove around for 11 minutes until one finally came open! It was very frustrating. And the parking place I finally found was clear across the backside of the parking lot. I had to basically run into my appt. But wouldn't you know that once I got there they were behind too?!?! My doctor is usually never running behind! Must have been one of those days. Anyhow, I go to the lab - weigh in. Another 5lbs gained. Ugh. Then I go to the restroom for my urine test and for the life of me I can't pee! Took forever! I finally grabbed the cold metal assistance bar (I was in the handicap bathroom, only one open) and that did the trick! I was able to go. Not much, but enough! Then it was off to the waiting room. My appt was at 9:15 and I didn't go back until almost 9:30. So that 15+ minutes I was in the waiting room I had this little chinese girl stare at me the entire time. I don't even think she blinked. It was like she was playing the staring game and nothing could break her concentration! I got my phone out and started playing on it so that I could try to ignore freaky lil' chinese girl!!! When the nurse finally called my name I basically ran out of the waiting room!!! So, my nurse goes over all the normal questions - any bleeding? Any water leaking? Any contractions? Then takes my blood pressure - which was good, YAY! Then it was time to hear Mason's heartbeat. Okay - keep in mind that in all the appts I've had she finds his heartbeat in like 30 seconds or less. This time it took over 3 minutes. I tried not to panic. But those 3 minutes feel like 30 when you're waiting to hear your child's heartbeat! Finally she found it on my lower left side. She said "He's active today and moving around a lot" - I said yep, that's Mason!! His heartbeat was good and strong - 150bpm. Then it was time for my Dr. He came in and talked to me for a bit to see how I was doing and then it was time to measure my belly. I told him about some discomfort I had been having in a certain area. He said more than likely it was that all of my insides were being crammed upwards to make room for Mason. He said, because your uterus is "here" and he was like oh, wait - yours is higher than I expected. And then he measured my belly and he said, "You're measuring higher/bigger than I expected". And then he checked to see when my last sonogram was (January 20th). He scheduled me another one for Monday. He said not to worry, he just wants to check and make sure everything is okay and that my fluids are good. Okay, telling a pregnant lady not to worry is like telling a fish not to swim! HELLO! That doesn't happen! So, needless to say we have a sonogram Monday morning at 8:00am and another Dr appt the 10th of March. Don't get me wrong, I will take any chance I get to see my sweet baby boy...I just pray that everything is well. That we have a healthy growing and happy baby boy!!!

I am kind of glad my doctor made this diagnosis (not sure that's the right word) though. For the last week or so I have been really uncomfortable. I have a hard time breathing and a hard time sleeping. Seems like no matter the position I am in, it's uncomfortable. I was a little worried because I still have a little under 3 months to go!!! My belly just seems so big already!!!

And I think Mr. Mason used my belly/insides as a punching bag last night. I woke up today with a sore stomach. Almost like the day after a really intense Ab muscle workout. Okay, maybe more like the 2nd day afterwards! It took me a while to fall asleep last night because Mason gets so active at bed time. And last night the kicks were mighty strong! Future soccer player maybe? :)

Here are some "fun" pics of mommy and daddy! Taken with camera phone :)

These were taken at 27w4d - on Tuesday

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