Baby H

Today was our first sonogram and our very first time to see Baby H (H for him or her, or Hall). It was the most amazing experience Nathan and I have ever been through. Just to see our little baby's heartbeat and body was breathtaking and lifechanging, for sure. We started with a belly sonogram, but after chatting with the technician about the amount of twins in our family she asked if I'd be okay with a vaginal sonogram as well. Of course, if it means more pictures and more time at looking at our precious angel!!! A vaginal sonogram gets you closer to the uterus and allows her to see more clearly the baby and number of babies and heartbeats. She took several pictures for us, showed us the size of the baby, the heartbeat, the blood flow, the yolk sac, etc. It was just indescribable. We were on a mission to find out how many babies there truly was, so that kept us quite focused. Otherwise I am sure I would have been balling my eyes out. Like I have done since leaving the doctor and looking at our baby's first pictures. By the measurements of the baby it showed that we were 7 weeks and 5 days. Which is only about 5 days off than we were originally told. But they are keeping our due date at May 21st. They only change the due date if the measurements appear to be 2 or more weeks off.

So far we have been really blessed with a great nurse and a great sono technician.

Oh and the baby's heartbeat was 158. Boy or girl?!?!?

Again, we just can't describe how excited we are. I think this sonogram really put things into perspective and made it more "real" to us. We can't wait to meet our little miracle.


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