1st Appt

Nathan and I had our first prenatal appt today. It went really well. First I took the urine test, then filled out tons of paperwork, then we met with our nurse, Odessa. She's great. Nathan and I both loved her and even asked if we can request that she be in the delivery room with us!! She went over everything with us and gave us a welcome kit. Then it was off to the lab for a cazillion vials of blood!! Geez! Why do they need that many? 8 or 9 tubes, really? Ha! But, if it means a healthy baby I am all game! It wasnt that bad at all. I mean, I was already nauseous so it was nothing!! Our first sonogram is October 12th. Can't wait for that!!!

Tomorrow we are off to Canton!!! Very excited, but I know it's going to be hard because we'll want to buy everything. Boy or girl? Pink or blue?


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