God is GREAT!!!

What an awesome weekend!!!! Friday and Saturday were busy, but nice. We shopped and looked at tons of baby stuff. We bought some more neutral things and bought our first box of diapers. We figured we'd start stacking up on them now!!

Sunday = amazing!! Church was wonderful as always, but very special this Sunday. We had an announcement from the Children's Church teacher that a child from our church was diagnosed by doctors that he would never walk again. Well, he walked (by himself) into children's church this Sunday!!! Praise the Lord!!!! How amazing is that?!?! And then we had this awesome member get up and give some devotionals and sing some awesome Gospel music. The whole congregation was on their feet before the end of her 3 soungs!!! Then, after an awesome God delivered message by Gary Morgan...that kid walked into the sanctuary and onto the stage!! It was such an amazing experience to see first hand God's work and one of his miracles. I will never forget this service!!! God is great and to him be all the praise and glory!!!!

After church we went to my Aunt Donia's for my Grandma's birthday party. It was loads of fun, but I sure was tired!!! I usually take a nap after church. =] Anyhow, Granny did her famous string/gender test on me. Pictures and results to follow in another post.

Until then - xoxoxoxo


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