Telling Nate's Grandma

Well, the news spread like wildfire yesterday! Before we new it hundreds of people already knew and it just kept growing. We decided we should go ahead and tell Nate's Grandmother before she heard it from some random at the grocery store or something. She does live in Grand Prairie, after all. LeeAnn and Ty came with us. They wanted to see her face when we told her.

Of course I had to pee as soon as we got there. Long car ride! So I went straight to the bathroom...when I came out everyone was heading to the kitchen for NeNaw cookies!! She said they were for her "Grandkids" and Nate said, "Well what about Great Grandkids?" she said, "Yes please, I have been waiting a long time" then turned around to see a big smile on our faces. Then we talked about due dates, symptoms, and I heard all kinds of pregnancy stories. OH my!!! =] It was a really great night/visit.

For dinner we went to Chick Fil A. LOVE LOVE LOVE Chick fil A and it seems to agree with us right now. Gotta love that!

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