Pumpkin Family...

Saturday afternoon we came home to a family of pumpkins sitting on our porch. We pulled in the driveway and I said, "Nate do we have pumpkins in our chair?". He said yeah, mom and dad must have grabbed them at Home Depot when they got theirs. I said, wait...there's 3 pumpkins and one of them is a baby pumpkin. Are they representing us? Then we were like, well maybe it's for Diesel. Then we got a little closer and looked at the pumpkins. Nate said, look that pumpkin is pregnant. So it's you, me, and Diesel. It was such a clever idea and the cutest thing! Makes me soooo ready for fall, ready to have a pregnant belly and even more ready to meet our little blessing!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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