Telling the family...

After the fair Nathan and I went home for a few minutes. That's when we took the second (positive) test. We went and had dinner and during dinner we learned that Jordan was in Waxahachie. So, it was our perfect chance to tell the family all at once. We get to their house and had a couple different conversations going on at once. I was talking to Jordan when Nate apparently started to tell his mom. Ty grabbed my hand and I knew that Nate had started to tell them. There was a book lying on the fireplace that his parents bought a few weeks before, he picked up the book and said, "Well you can use this now". I don't think it really sank in with just that. Then Nate says, "We're pregnant. Yall are going to be Grandpas and Grandmas and Uncles". It was awesome. We were soooo excited to finally share our good news.

Ty was really excited and wanted to go with us to tell my parents. My sister, brother in law and nephew were gone, so it was only my mom and dad at home. We chatted for a while and then my mom asked about the fair I told her it was great but by 4:00 I was getting sick. She said, "Sick?" and that was my opportunity to tell them! I just blurted out, "We are pregnant". It was greatness! Of course they were happy and excited. I know they were ready to tell the world, but we asked them to let us tell everyone!!! =]

We told my sister and brother on Saturday. They had just taken my 2 nephews out of the bath and I told my sister, "Are you ready to do this a third time?" She was clueless. She said, "Um no". And we all started chuckling. My mom said, "Somebody is pregnant" and then she finally got it. My brother came in from outside and I said, Are you ready to be an uncle again? He said who, you or Leslie? LOL! It was funny!

Scooter was at work, so Nate sent him a picture message of our tests.

Happy times!!! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

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