{It's Bluebonnet Season // April 2022}

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Sunday so we decided to take a topless backroads drive to see the bluebonnets and pick up some sushi! This is one of my favorite spring-time traditions of ours! 

Earlier in the day, we had planned on grilling out and eating at home, but we both had the same thing on our minds! I had the urge to make the bluebonnet drive & get sushi but didn't say anything because I knew Nate needed to grill chicken for his lunches. However, after we finished our yardwork Nate said "how about we go ahead and grill the chicken and we will have it for another time, but tonight we go drive and get Bristol"!!! I love that we were both thinking the same thing!! This is one of my favorite things that we do together. The backroads drive is so soul-refreshing and makes my heart happy! 

We were a little early for sunset, but it was still a beautiful evening and drive. 

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