Linking up with Anne in Residence for her Currently series. Today we are sharing what we're currently gettinggoingplanningposting, and thinking.

getting:  REALLY ready for Jeep topless/doorless season and summer! Bring on those long days and summer adventures. I am cherishing these summer months something fierce these days! I know the summers of having Mason at home are fleeting and I want to soak up every single second and be intentional of that time. PS - can we skip storm season? Monday night's storms were stressful!

going: insane trying to wrap up this school year with the current homeschool program we are using! We have found a new program that seems to better fit our needs! We just have to get through this year so that we can press on to new beginnings. 

planning: out all the trips!! We have a camping trip planned in May, working on a summer vacation, a trip planned to the Great Smoky Mountains in October, and then possibly a trip after Christmas. We really want to go on some cruises this year, but hoping and praying they lift the vaccine mandate for kiddos. 

posting: Trying to get back to posting in real-time! I recently just caught up on like 3 months of blogging! It's crazy how fast time gets away from you. I love posting about our day-to-day since this is our family scrapbook. I know I will enjoy looking back at my blog later down the road. 

thinking:  About anything and everything! Spring always ushers in this need for me to do all things creative! I want to start all the projects, all of the organizing, all of the spring cleaning, etc. But then i get overwhelmed and sometimes accomplish nothing! haha

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