{Mason's 11th birthday}

 Nathan took off work so that he could spend the day with Mason! We started the day with gifts. Mason isn't really into toys anymore...you know because he's all grown and eleven and stuff...but he does have some things that he collects. He likes to collect Roblox toys and the World's Smallest Toys, so we got him some of those. He still absolutely loves Legos!! And of course, money! 

After gifts, Nate and Mase went on a little trip to the donut store. I was still working that day so I stayed behind. After donuts, Nate took Mason to Urban Air in town. They ran into some of Mason's friends there, so it worked out perfectly. He was able to spend a couple of hours playing with them. 

For supper, Mason picked out his favorite Mexican food restaurant, Ojedas. Nate's parents and Ty & Michelle joined us! Mason was so excited to have them there. 

After supper, we went back to Nate's parents for ice cream and more gifts! 

Mason had a wonderful birthday and is so blessed with the best people in his life! 

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