{Camping in Abilene for Memorial Day Weekend}

 We spent Memorial Day weekend camping with friends and family in Abilene, TX. One of Mason's requests for his birthday was to go camping, so his awesome Nana and Papa made that happen! Our friends were already camping in Abilene and were so kind to let us join them! 

We stayed at a KOA there in Abilene and it was pretty nice! There was a pool, a park, and a basketball goal, so the kids were happy! They enjoyed playing together the entire time. 

We took them to the Zoo for a little while on Saturday and they had a blast. The Abilene Zoo is small, but it's so nice. I think we all agree that our favorite part was feeding the giraffes. I tried to get a picture from the top to put in perspective how tall our giraffe was, but the picture doesn't do him justice! He was ginormous!

After the zoo, we let the kids take a dip in the pool! While they were swimming, we adults figured out dinner plans. We ate at Miguels for supper and it was delicious! 

Sunday started out with brunch at Perini Ranch. They have a buffet-style meal on Sundays and oh my word, it's amazing! After lunch, we took some pictures around the restaurant. 

That afternoon we took the kids to an indoor trampoline park to burn off some energy! Then we had supper at Buffalo Wild Wings. Monday was going home day.

We had such an amazing time with family and friends. Mason was sad to leave! 

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