{Currently // Sept 2020}

 Hey y'all! It's been 47 days since I last visited this space! I have so much to catch up on. I thought I would come back with the "Currently" post I missed this month. I'll include a little life update below. 

appreciating // all of the family time we've gotten to have lately! We also had a major life change that allows Mason to be home with me 24/7. More on that later! And the time we had on our amazing trip to Colorado!! Also, more on this later.

anticipating: the arrival of fall! It's my favorite time of year and I just can't wait. We are having cooler temps this week and it is glorious! We can finally walk outside without feeling like we are melting!! I'm asking Nate to get down all of my fall decor today so that I can start decorating!! 

collecting: memories? Photos? ha! I don't really collect much of anything else. 

starting: to get in a routine with our new "normal". I feel like we have finally found our groove and it's such a welcomed feeling!! 

finishing: editing all the colorado photos and videos! Follow our adventures here - YouTube, Instagram.

Life update!!

I have neglected this space something fierce lately! Here's a shortlist of all that has happened since my last post:

Several Jeep meets and gatherings
A trip to Del Rio, TX to visit friends
Took a trip to Colorado & Moab, UT
Mason started his new online homeschool academy
I hosted a bachelorette party and bridal shower
Several upgrades and mods to the Jeep
Went wheeling at Hidden Falls
Had a bonfire night with friends

Those are the highlights!! I will spend the next week or so catching up!

How have you all been?

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