{Our 9th wedding anniversary // date}

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This past Tuesday Nathan and I celebrated 9 wonderful years of marriage. {November 1st will be 19 total years!} This past Saturday Nate's mom kept Mason so that we could have a day date for our anniversary. Usually we go out of town {trip to Gruene here} for a weekend, but this year it just happened to fall on the weekend before school started. We didn't want to put any stress on the weekend and wanted it to be a smooth transitional time so we just decided to stay here and visit a little town about an hour and 15 minutes away. We went to Granbury, TX. We got there around 11:30 and neither Nate or I were hungry so we walked around the square and visited all of the shops. It was so nice to be able to take our time and just enjoy our time and each other's company. We found a few things for our gallery wall, a couple letter "H's" for another gallery wall we are starting and a heart shaped rock for Mason. 

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After walking the square we ate at the Fillin Station. They had amazing onion rings. Nathan tried a beer from a local brewery, but just couldn't do it. He said that it tasted like it was poured out of a rubber boot. ha. We're clearly not beer drinkers. 

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After lunch we went to some more antique shops, drove around the lake and then headed into Glen Rose, TX for a bit. On the way back home Nate took me to Hobby Lobby {ours doesn't open until September} because he knew that I wanted to get some things for Mason's teacher for the first day of school. Goodness, I love that man. I could have spent hours in there, but wrapped up the shopping in an hour. I didn't want to push it since he was taking me to a Hobby Lobby on our date night! haha. But really, it doesn't matter where we are as long as we are together. That's what is most important to us.

After Hobby Lobby we went to get a snowcone at Bahama bucks. We don't have one anywhere near us and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We are still trying to figure that out. That place doesn't hold a candle to our local snowcone place. 

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After snowcones we headed back home to get our boy! We were both missing him something fierce. We wanted to include him in our date night so we picked him up and went to dinner, got ice cream and then had a movie night in our bed! It was so nice to end our date with the one thing that completes us both! I just love my sweet little family!

It was the perfect day/night.


  1. Aww that sounded lovely! Wow 9 years of marriage and almost two decades of being together? That is very impressive these days! May your sweet love endure <3


  2. Happy anniversary! So happy for you guys. You look too young to be married already for 9 years!

  3. Sounds like the perfect date night to me. Happy Anniversary and here's to many, many more.

  4. Aww, that sounds like a perfect anniversary celebration! I love spending time with my honey, too but we're happiest when we're with our son as well.

  5. What a fun day date!! I can't get over how cute all the towns are around you. There is so much character in every place you visit. It's nothing like that here.
    I'm slightly jealous of your snow cones. We don't have any places like that here, either!!
    Absolutely adore that you wrapped up your date with Mason with movies in bed. So sweet.
    Happy (belated) Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary! 19 years, that's crazy! Looked like a fun day/night. Yes to just spending time together. We do that too, family trip to the grocery store and the kids are jumping up and down, haha.

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    What a wonderful date day! I love any one-on-one time that I can get with Luke, even if it looking at refrigerators. ha!

  8. How sweet and fun. I am so glad I got to see the anniversary update :) We don't have a Bahama Bucks near us at all, but there certainly has been some fuss. I'm glad to hear that I may not be missing all that much, although the picture does look delicious!

  9. Congrats! You two are the sweetest couple and I love that you included Mason in your celebrations. Cheers to many more happy years :)

  10. What a great way to celebrate together! We are almost anniversary buddies. It's crazy to think you were getting ready to celebrate one year when we were getting hitched.

    Congratulation on 9 years!

  11. I love that you guys went to Hobby Lobby together :) Happy Anniversary!!! Glad you two had such a great time celebrating!

  12. Best husband ever!!! He TOOK you to Hobby Lobby??? I have to drag him, kicking and screaming and twisting his arm to anywhere like that haha. Though maybe he;s just given in now because I told him I wanted to go to Home Goods on Saturday to get some frames for a project I'm doing and he said ok with no questions asked. I nearly fell over!
    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!!!

  13. I love spending days like these with James. I love doing whatever and just spending time together, exploring. Happy Anniversary!


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