{Getting ready for Kindergarten}

I talked a little {or a lot} on this post about being in denial about Kindergarten. Well, now that I am out of that funk it's time to get prepared. Making a list of all I need to do before Monday!!

+ get Mason a haircut
+ finish getting his supplies {kleenex, wipes and ziplocs}
+ pack his bag with all of his supplies
+ send box tops for education with Mason on Monday
+ iron his uniform{s}
+ work on a 'back to school' teacher gift
+ make Mason's back to school chalkboard sign
+ work on tying his shoes
+ get some Kindergarten books to read Sunday night
+ wake up extra early on Saturday and Sunday {blah} to get ready for school
+ talk about manners/following directions/etc.
+ pack Mason's lunch Sunday night
+ put money into his online account in case he wants to buy lunch one day
+ sign all of the paperwork
+ print out the picture of Mason and his teacher to give to her

If you have an ideas for a back to school gift for his teacher send them my way! Are your kids starting school on Monday too?


  1. Sounds like you guys are going to be busy this weekend! Good luck! And happy first day to Mason on Monday!

  2. Your to-do list this weekend must have kept you busy!
    I can't wait to hear all about Mason's first day (both on how he did, and how you did, too :) )!
    Here's a mug that I'm hoping will still be around when Marcus enters elementary school :)

  3. Sending positive vibes your way for tomorrow! Mason will do just great! I hope you took a personal day tomorrow! ;)

  4. Some of those are on my list too! What did you end up getting/doing as a back-to-school gift?

  5. Hope you're making it ok today, mama!! Can't wait to hear about his wonderful first year!

  6. Love how well documented Mason starting school has been. These posts have been so fun to follow and will make such sweet memories down the road. Hope everyone is loving Kindergarten life :)!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!