{July goals update // August Goals}

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  • blog 4-5x a week >> semi-fail...it was more like 3x a week
  • answer emails/comments quicker >> yes!!
  • comment on more blogs >> yes!! found a lot of new blogs this month and making new connections/friendships.
  • drink more water and less diet soda >> fail. water is so boring. will try again next month!
  • exercise 4-6x a week >> another fail. ugh. summer is killing us. ready to get back on routine.
  • do a squat challenge >> I started it and did it for a couple of weeks and stopped. 
  • zumba at least 2x a week >> fail. 
  • be more intentional in my time with my boys >> yes! 
  • teach Mason how to tie shoes >> fail
  • get a library membership and take Mason a couple times a week >> yes! We are loving our library membership.
  • start a new bible study >> yes! Downloaded the First 5 app {amazing} and still using She Reads Truth app
  • spend quiet time outside in the word in the mornings before the day starts >> fail. waiting for it to cool off so that I can do this.
  • read bible stories to Mason >> Yes! Ordered the Duck Commander Devotions for Kids. Loving it so far.
  • take more pics with big camera, less iPhone >> Yes!
  • clean out Mason's room >> fail. this will be a huge undertaking. will probably tackle this when mason starts school. 
  • take items to the donation box in town >> fail. this one is dependent on the task above.
  • read at least 2 books >> yes! started my 3rd already.
  • send snail mail to friends >> fail.
  • sign Mason up for Lego or Superhero camp >> fail. i didn't have a peace about sending him somewhere i knew nothing about. 

As you can see I failed miserably in the health/fitness department. We got so off track when all of our traveling started. We've been going 90 to nothing and haven't set aside time to exercise. And the eating...ugh...that hasn't been good either! I'm declaring August as a 'healthier' month.

 photo August goals_zps6tcbnjxm.png

  • blog 3x a week 
  • set-up passionfruit ads
  • answer comments/emails quicker
  • blog more about local places
  • drink more water and less diet soda
  • exercise 3-5x a week
  • do a squat challenge
  • get back into my classes at the ymca
  • soak up these last summer days before school starts
  • teach Mason how to tie shoes
  • less electronics in the evening, more time together
  • have more patience with Mason, less yelling
  • keep up with my bible study
  • continue to read bible stories to Mason
  • start a prayer journal
  • take 5 year old/start of Kindergarten photos of Mason
  • clean out Mason's room
  • take items to the donation box in town
  • read at least 2 books
  • send snail mail to friends
  • clean and organize my office
  • start Christmas shopping

What are your goals for the month of August?


  1. Good goals, sorry I had to bail out on the squat challenge with you, how about a sit up challenge instead :)

  2. Working out in the summer can be such a challenge! Between all the fun things to do during summer, and the heat, working out can be tricky.
    I'm going to have to look into the Duck Commander book for kids. We have a few children's Bible stories and books, but it's always nice to freshen things up a bit.
    Your August goals look good - you've got this!

  3. I think you got the important things done!! Intentional family time should always come first so really, you nailed it! I love your goal of sending snail mail! It's a seriously fun way to keep connected and so nice to receive actual mail! Good Luck for your August goals :) (and if you ever want a Kiwi pen-pal, just let me know!)

  4. You did good girl. Even with the fails you have to show yourself grace especially with summer here.

    As for your new goals start Christmas shopping?! Whoa I am seriously impressed!

  5. Start Christmas shopping! I like that one.
    Summer can be hard to keep up with those goals. I think you did a great job even if the exercise bit lagged somewhat. There is always a new day!

  6. You have some of the same goals as me! Especially in the blogging category. I have been SO bad about replying to emails lately. I want to connect and reply back, but I get sucked into reading and commenting on blogs and forget about checking my email. It's so bad. I've been at least a day behind (as we speak, I have emails to reply to!). If you figure out a good system, let me know! I'm just so backed up with work, family time, blogging time, blog reading time and trying to get to my emails...

  7. You accomplished so much! I really need to sit down and write out my monthly goals instead of just having vague ideas in my head. If you're going to slack on exercise Summer is the perfect time. You're probably more active doing outdoor family stuff anyway.

  8. I plan to have a post like these in 2016. It's a great way to hold yourself accountable. And because I'm a lover of fonts, what font is your July/August Goals in?


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!