{Halloween Pajama Party}

Linking up for the virtual Halloween Pajama Party! I love this link up and seeing all of the different Halloween jams!!!

I saw these pajamas when I was grocery shopping at Wal-mart and couldn't pass on them. They screamed Mason!! And, he flipped out when I showed him! He loves them.

Also, Mason got to bring home Finn {class pet} this week! He had to put a shirt on Finn so that he had pajamas too!

 photo 4_PM_zpsebeef016.jpg
 photo 12_PM_zps89db42e7.jpg
 photo 11_PM_zps0d5953b5.jpg
 photo 13_PM_zps7d29a22e.jpg
 photo 14_PM_zpscab0ef20.jpg
 photo 15_PM_zps37ec8652.jpg

Does your little have new Halloween jams?

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  1. Hi from the Halloween LInk-Up! Your little man is such a cutie-pie!

    I see your heart over the Dallas Area. Our stay was brief, only two years, but we lived in Rockwall and I met some of my best firends while we lived there. We loved living there.

  2. I didn't get Cora Halloween pajamas this year & now I'm sad I didn't! I love that their class pet is a stuffed animal! My kind of class pet!

  3. Those socks... LOVE! I love his outfit! I love his pose - hand on the hip and foot on the pumpkin. He's the perfect model!

  4. Sydney doesn't have any Halloween Jammie's and I am really regretting that now! Lol. I am about to be on a mad dash for a weeks worth of Christmas Jammie's!!!
    Ps- he is so darn cute!

  5. I totally slacked this year on Halloween jammies, but I bought their matching Christmas ones already so I guess I'm redeemed. lol. He's too cute and I love your photog skills. I'm a new follower :) Found your blog through the Houston Blogger FB Doc.

  6. Ok can we still join this evening? I'm always a day late!! Love it!

  7. How cute is he?! Great pictures, Mama!

  8. Okay, he's stinking adorable!!! Love those socks and the glasses - he's precious! Happy (almost) Halloween!


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