{Fall Bucketlist - Update}

Happy Sunday!!! 

I'm up before my boys with a little time to spare before church! We've been checking things off our Fall Bucketlist left and right!! I've removed "Apple Picking and find a corn maze" from our list because I looked it up and the closest one to us is 2.5 hours away. I don't think we'll be making that trip this year! 

So, what have we checked off our list?

 photo Bucket-Crafts2_zpsf99e35eb.png

Mason and I have been crafting it up! We have done a few so far and have a few more we want to fit into this week! We made some cute little Halloween friends using restaurant sized cans and we also made a big fuzzy spider. So cute!!!!

 photo IMG_6975_zps18cc2a75.jpg
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Mason has a couple of really neat costumes that his Nana bought him within the last couple of years. She found him a great Fireman costume that looks just like the suits real Fireman wear. He has wore it the last 3 years and has wore it a time or two already this year. We love it and are trying to squeeze in more time with it before it no longer fits. However, we wanted to let Mason pick out a new costume all on his own. We went to the Spirit Halloween store here in town, but had no luck. 1.) they were crazy expensive and 2.) most of the costumes were geared towards the older crowd. So we went to our trusty Target and walked into a great sale! They had costumes & accessories buy one get one free. Yes and Yes!!! Mason picked out a Wolverine costume. 

 photo 7_zps64480f6f.jpg
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 photo IMG_7193_zpsb364f40f.jpg
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 photo Bucket-Festival_zps7185aff3.png

This past weekend we went to two Fall festivals. The first was Friday night at my nephew's school. Mason opted to wear his Fireman costume for this event! 

 photo Bucket-Festival2_zps3212543e.jpg

Then on Saturday we went to the Texas Country Reporter Festival in Waxahachie. Oh my goodness...I've never seen so many people in our little town. This was by far the biggest year since we've lived here. It was hard to look at anything because it was so crowded. And taking pictures was out of the question. Every time I tried it was nothing but a blur of 5000 people walking in front of my camera!  But we ended up running into my family while at the car show part of the festival. The boys all had a blast playing and getting to dress up in Fireman gear and climb onto an antique fire truck! 

 photo Bucket-Festival_zpsf847373a.jpg
 photo bucket-movies_zps1c0ee6e0.png
Last Wednesday Nana and Papa invited us over for pizza and Halloween movies. Mason of course had to wear a costume for our Halloween night! We watched Toy Story Terror and The Great Pumpkin. It was special for Nana to watch it with Mason because she has grown up watching it! Nana even got Mason a cute little Halloween dessert to top off the night! And then last night we had another movie night. We watched Hocus Pocus. Mason didn't move. Thankfully Nana pre-recorded it and we could zoom through the commercials because Mason was totally into it. It made my little Hocus Pocus - loving heart so happy that he enjoyed it. It's one of my favorite Halloween movies by far!!!!

 photo IMG_7203_zpsa78eddd3.jpg

We've checked off a few others from this list...but they deserve a post all on their own! Have you checked anything off your Fall Bucketlist lately?

+ visit the pumpkin patch
+ go on a hayride
+ make caramel apples
+ decorate my porch {crates, hay, pumpkins, etc}
+ carve pumpkins
+ make fall crafts
+ decorate the house for fall
+ pick out halloween costumes
+ stay in a cabin somewhere
+ make a thankful tree
+ share the Thanksgiving story with Mason
+ bake fall goodies
+ go to fall festivals
+ go to an aggie football game
+ roast marshmallows
+ lots of fires in our chiminea
+ have a scary {but mason friendly} movie night
+ make lots of crock pot meals
+ do my bible study on the porch
+ host a fall party/get together
+ make a pumpkin chunkin' game
+ stock up on my favorite fall scentsy bars
+ take a scenic drive {where the leaves actually turn pretty colors}
+ go to the farmers market
+ go on a nature walk
+ take fall pictures of mason
+ camp at jellystone for fall fiesta

What's on your Fall Bucketlist this year?


  1. Awww. I have loved seeing all of your posts and snapchats of your fall activities! It makes me feel like a little bit of a slacker. HahaM but the cans are seriously too cute! And the fireman costume suits mason in every single way. I love it!

  2. Oh my goodness, you guys have had the BEST fall season so far! Look at all that fun stuff you have been up to. Mason is just the cutest Wolverine! Look at those poses and stuff. He's got it down!
    And those monster tin cans... LOVE it! How did you do them? Pinterest find?

  3. Those crafts are super cute! You should do a tutorial and pin that!

  4. So cute! I love the crafts! I was recently painting and saved a couple of empty paint cans because I had a craft in mind for them but now that they're sitting in my way I can't remember for the life of me what I wanted to do with them. lol
    I love the Halloween movie night! Especially his costume for the night! How cute that he dressed accordingly!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!