{Embrace the Camera...9.15.11}

It's Thursday...time for one of my favorite link-ups!!
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Most evenings Mason and I will go and hang out on the front porch. He thinks he's so big when he goes up and down the little step to our porch all by himself. He smiles and most times even claps for himself. Then he'll walk the sidewalk all the way to Daddy's truck {he's in love with that thing!} and says, "Daddy's truck" over and over and over again while pointing at the tire. It's just about the cutest thing ever! 

It's hard to get a picture of us together because he's too busy walking up and down the sidewalk and up and down the stair. And I take 100's of pictures of him doing this.

I just can't believe my baby is growing up! 

I hate that these are blurry, but posting them anyway!


  1. I LOVE the truck pictures! He will love looking back on those when he is driving a big ole truck one day!

  2. Your little guy by the truck is adorable. Such a sweetie!

  3. you guys are adorable. and he looks so little in front of that ginormous truck!!

  4. those pictures are adorable! i really need to start getting in picture with my Mason as well...also i gave you a blog award over on my blog www.diesunddas33.blogspot.com!


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