{School Update...Toddler Class}

Masonbug, you are loving the Toddler Class!!
You have been in there for just over a week now.
You have so much fun and have learned a lot already.
Your daily sheets are a lot different than those you brought home from the infant class. 
I love it.
Every day you are getting better and better about eating the "big boy food". 
You even nap well. {I was worried about this since you're going from a crib to a nap mat.} My initial reaction was, "pshhh good luck keeping that boy on a nap mat". But you've done exceptionally well.
Go Mason, Go Mason.

This week you worked on the letter "B", the color blue, the number One {&Uno}, and the crescent shape.

On Friday Daddy and I both got to pick you up together. We were there a while before you even noticed us. You were having a great time playing with your friends. 
You seemed so big, so toddlerish to me.

We got to chat to with your teachers for a bit.
They say you are super smart {duh!}
and "You're the best one in the whole class"
You make us so proud!!!!
That was so great to hear. 
You are a talker for sure and they love to listen to your stories :)

You even know your friends names. That's awesome to me!

Here are a few pictures I snapped.

You & Sutton:
{yall were watching Ella ride in the car}


  1. what a blessing that he loves his school!!!

  2. I can't even imagine having to put my Mason on a mat to nap. He would be up and running around...I'm sure of it.

  3. is toddler class kinda like daycare?? ive never heard of this! but it sounds so fun!

  4. Hey Christa. Mason goes to a Christian Academy. They start as infants and can go all the way to the 3rd grade there. He has been in the infant class until the last two weeks. He moved up to the 2 year old (toddler class). They work with them on letters, numbers, colors, shapes, bible verses, etc. They also get to play. So, it's a little more than just a daycare. We pay a tuition and everything. I'm really excited that Mason will most likely grow up with all these kids and start some great friendships early on. We love it!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!