{New Years}

Friday morning we headed out to Abilene to visit Brower Power. The trip down was pretty nice. Mason slept for about an hour of it. We watched Ramona and Beezus and it was really cute. We arrived in Abilene around 1:30 that afternoon. We hung out for a bit at Trent & Krista's house then headed to dinner at our favorite Abilene restaurant, Famous Daves!! Mmmm! After dinner we went to the mall so that Trent could buy a remote controlled helicopter. :) That thing provided much entertainment over the weekend. The boys had so much fun with it. Kloe and Mason loved to watch it too. It had lights and made a noise, so of course Mason loved it. Of course. After the mall it was off to get fireworks for the boys. That evening we vegged out in our jammies and snacked on some yummy food Krista made. Then the boys caught the grass on fire a few times, shot off fireworks. Mason and Kloe got to hold sparklers. It was very cold, but fun! Saturday we hung out all day and talked and watched football. Sunday we headed back home.

I failed to take any pictures except these OH so cute pictures of Mason and Kloe!

Mason was trying to show off his muscles for Kloe :) hee hee!

Oh and a few I hijacked from Krista's facebook:

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