{Mason's First Christmas}

Mason's first Christmas was pretty awesome!! It was so great to celebrate with him this year. I just kept thinking to myself how crazy it was that we had a baby in the mix this year. Sure makes holidays more enjoyable!! 

Christmas Eve we hung out with just us 3 for a while. We ran several errands and finished up some things at home. That afternoon we went to visit the Halls for a bit before heading to my parents house for our Christmas. It was such a great day/night. That evening we ordered pizza and hung out. The boys all got new pajamas for Christmas and they were adorable. We put all three (Jax, Tanner and Mase) in them before they opened gifts. Jaxon had Thomas the Train, Tanner had Sponge Bob and Mason had Elmo. Mason got many learning toys, clothes and a Pack and Play crib.

Christmas Morning Mason slept in until almost 8:45!! We took him into the living room to see his big Red Wagon Santa brought him. He was like, um what's this thing?? We hung out for a bit and then loaded up and headed to the Halls for Christmas with them. They were all still asleep when we got there. We were certain they were all waiting on us since Mase slept in! We opened gifts for what seemed like hours! Mason got a tree swing, a piggy bank from Uncle Ty, and many toys. 

Mase made out like a bandit!! It was a great Christmas. 

That evening we headed to Kira's for Christmas with my family. I just realized now that I didn't even take pictures. When we got there the house was pretty much divided...boys watching the Cowboy game in the living room and the ladies were chatting in the garage...and the kids were everywhere in-between! 

That Sunday we had Christmas at NeNaws. Mason got an Elephant learning toy and money. We had a nice lunch and visited a while.

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