{Skull and Jenga Pumpkins DIY}

 I used to think Pinterest was dangerous (making me want to do all the things) but now Tik Tok has taken the cake! There are so many awesome crafts/diys on there! And, I love that there are so many Dollar Tree diys/crafts/hacks on there. Fun and inexpensive crafts are my jam! 

My next craft was this cute little skull vase from the Dollar Tree! I cut the top of the skull off, painted the skull with chalk paint, added some gold glitter (couldn't find gold foil anywhere) & paint, and added some Halloween-themed flowers. So easy and it came out so cute! 

Next were these Jenga game pumpkins! I couldn't find the Jenga game at our Dollar Tree, but did find one at the Dollar General. It was $4 bucks for the game and I made 4 pumpkins out of it. I believe there are enough pieces to make 1 or 2 more, but I stopped at 4. Mason even helped me with these. We just painted, sanded a bit, added some distressing, made stems out of twine, and whipped up some farmhouse-style ribbon bows. 

And then I made a new fall wreath for the front door! I have been loving simple wreath's lately, so that is just what I made! I grabbed a grapevine twig wreath, some pumpkin stems, and some greenery, then I made a farmhouse-style bow and called it good. I think it came out great. 

Did you make any fall or Halloween crafts this year?

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