{Hot Springs, AR with Wicked Trendz Jeep Club}

 We joined our  Jeep family for a weekend at Hot Springs and had a total blast! We absolutely love this group and love spending time with them. We got to the park early Friday afternoon and jumped almost immediately on some trails! But not before a group prayer...

We played around on Twin hills and then took our group out to earn some Jeep Badge of Honors! This park has 3 trails that are part of the Jeep BOH! And we had several people that had never been, or have gotten new Jeeps since the last trip! 

Saturday our best friends, Keri & Michael were able to join us! We wheeled with the group for the first part of the day. We knocked out one badge of honor trail (Fun Run) with the group. Then we split and took Keri to earn her other two badges on Rubicon Ridge and Snake! This park has the most incredible views!! 

Michael and Keri had to leave so we said our guys and headed back to where everyone was camping. A group wanted to attempt a 5 diamond trail, so off we went. I was about the 4th Jeep back on this straight-up incline on loose rocks when the first Jeep broke an axle. He was on a really gnarly part of the trail almost at the end. Nate and I had to back down the trail and take a trail right next to it up and over to the top of this one. Nate and some friends made one heck of a recovery!!! After the recovery, Nate really wanted to attempt the trail in our Jeep. So five of us hopped in ours and Nate DID IT!!! It was awesome. 

And here's a video to put into perspective what really happens on those trails...

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