{Catch-up Post}

Mercy, it's been a minute since I've visited this space. Life has been busy! I know that's so cliche, but seriously, it's the only explanation I have. I didn't plan on quitting this blog, a hiatus just happened. So, what have we been up to since I last blogged on April 25th?  Let's see...

  • A co-worker retired so I took on half of her accounts. You can imagine how busy work has been! 
  • It was the end of the school year filled with school trips, award assemblies, etc. Those last few weeks are always a doozie!
  • Mason finished his 2nd grade year with all A's, an award for 1+ years growth in Math, award for 1+ years growth in Reading, AB Honor Roll for the year, The Snicker's Award for always making his classmates laugh, and a couple of others. 
  • Mason turned EIGHT on 5/25/18. Time is such an arrow straight to the Mama's heart. 
  • Went to the drive-in movies with the Jeep Club. Awesomesauce.
  • Chased sunsets on the backroads in the Jeep. 
  • Celebrated Nathan's Grandma's 80th birthday with a big party at her retirement home.
  • Finished up soccer.
  • Nathan and I went on an adults only beach trip for Go Topless - Jeep Beach. 
  • Went on our annual Memorial Day trip to Mason, Fredericksburg, Luckenbach, TX.
  • Nathan and I drove part of the Texas Hill Country Loop
  • Mason went to work with Nana one day before school let out for summer.
  • Spent a couple of weekends at my Aunt's lakehouse.
  • Went to a midweek Ranger game
And these are just the highlights. I am sure I am forgetting something! We've also done tons of Jeep events. Being a Jeep owner is a lifestyle and I love it. Our Jeep Club is very active in the community and in doing charity work. 

What have you been up to lately?

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