{2017 Fall Bucketlist // Wrap-up}

Oh fall, how I love you so! We had so much fun adventuring through the season. While we didn't finish everything on our 2017 fall bucketlist, I feel like we put a pretty great dent in it. Here's a final look at our list and what we did/didn't accomplish.

❥ Complete our Thankful jar & tree - this is in progress! We'll finish at the end of November.
❥ Go to a football game  - We had such a good time! I forgot how much I love those Friday night lights. Of course I watched the Cheerleaders the whole time. I can't help it...it's in my blood and was over 16 years of my life!

❥ Help with 5th quarter - I didn't get any pictures of the event, but we had such a great time! 
❥ Take some fall family pictures - this is in the plans and I will share the pictures at a later date! 
❥ Take a scenic fall drive - oh how I love scenic drives with trees that hang over the streets! And I love it even more driving in a Jeep! Mason and I took a drive the other day and saw some pretty fall foliage. {as good as it gets in our parts}

❥ Update fall wardrobe - I have bought a few pieces, but really the weather in Texas has been anything but fall-like. 
 ❥ Help with the church fish fry - we didn't get to help this year. Nate was gone to a fishing tournament and Mason and I had two other engagements that day! 
❥ Take Mason Trunk or Treating - It got rained out this year! 
❥ Help with the church's trunk or treat - It got rained out this year! 
❥ Go to the Texas Country Reporter Festival - when I made my list I didn't realize this was on the same weekend that we camped at Mitchell Resort for the Halloween Happenings.
❥ Go to Jefferson TX for the Haunted train ride - there just wasn't enough time! Maybe next year.
❥ Watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - we weren't home either time this came on and I forgot to record it! 
❥ Make slime - maybe we'll just add this to our Christmas time bucketlist and make Christmas themed slime!
❥ Go on a nature walk / nature scavenger hunt
❥ Invite friends over for a fire/marshmallow roasting

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  1. You totally put a major dent in it! If only Mother Nature would cooperate. And we had more time. Always need more time.

  2. You did great on your list and had a great time too!

  3. You guys may not have done everything but you sure did do a ton of fun stuff! I can't wait to see what you do for Christmas!

  4. You got so much done. I can't wait to see what Christmas time holds!

  5. I agree you made a major dent in your list. Sometimes we have to make choices. It sounds like you made good ones. I love fall leaves and got to see some beauties this year, but they're all gone now. If only I could learn to love the barren branches. :-)

  6. Hey Halls! So glad to have you link up with us and share your fall activities! I am a Texas gal, too. In fact, I am sitting at DFW airport this moment...heading home to El Paso after a 3 day visit with my daughter and granddaughter in Ft. Worth.

    Appreciate the lovely photos of your fall sight seeing. We don't have much in the way of fall in west Texas. Although, our whole state has been unseasonably warm this season, I think.

    Love the idea of a nature scavenger hunt. I know my seven year old granddaughter would be all about that. Need to remember that...maybe we can try it this spring?

    Sounds like many of your planned activities happened all on the same weekend. It was the same for us. And we accidentally visited the food trucks (on my list) on the last night for the season. So glad we managed to do it before they closed up for winter.

    Hope you will join up with us again for our winter bucket list reveal on 12.21. If you would like for me to add you to our email group for reminders, just let me know at mommyhon333@hotmail.com.

    Thank you!

  7. I think that you did well on your list. I love the pictures from your Fall scenic drive. Very pretty. I remember doing that as a family when I was younger. :)

  8. you did awesome on your list and so many sweet memories


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