{Disney World // Epcot}

Our last and final day at the parks was spent at Epcot. I am pretty sure it was my 2nd favorite day at all of the parks. I remembered thinking Epcot was so cool {when I visited for Cheerleading Nationals in HS} and it definitely didn't disappoint this time. It's easily my 2nd favorite park at Disney. And it was a good park to spend our last day at because we were able to move at our own pace and the crowds were not bad at all. 

As soon as we got there we took our pictures and got the stroller and then got straight on Spaceship Earth. I was surprised that it wasn't already packed since it's the first ride in the park. After that we went to the future world. We had a fast pass for Soarin pretty early so we made our way over. I think Mason and I were the only ones excited about this ride before it started. Everyone else looked like they were about to puke. ha! But it was so neat and I think almost everyone enjoyed it. I loved that as you soared over the water & falls you could smell fresh water & trees and over the orchard you could smell that, too. So cool! I could do this ride over and over. After Soarin we straight to Living with the Land because there was no wait at all. It was a nice little boat ride through the Land Pavilion. We enjoyed it. After that we had a fast pass for Nemo and Friends. It was actually kind of cheesy, but the colors were pretty. We ended in the aquarium so we walked around and looked for a bit before we saw that Turtle Talk with Crush didn't have a long wait. So went to watch that show. If you go to Epcot, this is a must. We loved it so much. It was hilarious and so fun for the kids. Crush interacts with the audience and lets the kids ask him questions. Kids come up with some crazy stuff, I tell you. 

After those attractions 6 of us went to grab some lunch and the other 2 went to check out some of the countries. Lunch was chaotic because there were two different school groups in there and every line was packed. But, we had some pretty good food. After lunch we made our way to the countries. We met back up with Nate's brother and his wife for a bit. We started in the UK I believe and Nate tried a Bass Ale beer. I don't think he was impressed. But then again, he's not a big beer drinker anyway. Nate's brother wanted to wait in line to see Mary Poppins so some of us went to check out some other places. We made it to France and went through some shops and then back to get Mason. After that we pretty much split into 3 groups because everyone was moving at a different pace and wanted to see different things. We enjoyed walking through each country. Mason got ice cream in France and loved it. And we ate some amazing nachos in Mexico. I will say that Epcot isn't so much of a kid place. But it was definitely okay with Mason. It was day 6 and he was exhausted beyond belief and was much happy to just hang out in the stroller and relax. 

We left the park before 6 I believe and went to our hotel's pool! We had so much fun that night. It was the perfect way to wrap up our last night in Disney!

And there is our recap. In case you missed any of the Disney posts just click here


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Epcot! I love Epcot. It isn't as entertainingly crazy as MK but Aria always has a blast when we go. Just a few rides and then so much to see elsewhere. I think it works. Plus you can't go wrong with just eating all the fun food around the world!

  2. The countries in Epcot are so cool! I remember thinking it was so awesome to walk from one country to the next.
    There's no better way to wrap up a trip than some pool time!!
    So glad you had so much fun!! Your trip looks and sounds like it was epic!

  3. Looking back now, I wish Luke & I would have spent more time in Epcot. I've loved seeing your vacation. So glad you all had a great time!

  4. I havr heard so many good things about Epcot and looks so neat! I love the family pic in front of it!

  5. (I'm a little behind!) All of these posts regarding your trip are so fantastic! I'm glad y'all had such a great time and Mason seemed so into everything! Those pics with the characters incorporated are incredible! Love!


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