{Snow Day...this is Texas, right??}

On Friday, Feb 4th we got a ton of snow!!! I worked from home again. The snow was piled on top of ice and too dangerous to drive to work. I worked at our house for a while, then we loaded up and went to Nana & Papas (they live right behind us) for the rest of the day. When I work there I can be in the same room as Mason and he's not constantly screaming for me. Simplifies things! And we're all about simplifying :) The snow was beautiful. It was soooo bright we had to put Mason's sunglasses on so that he could open his eyes. Just like with everything else, Mason was so laid back about it. Like it didn't even phase him that we had 8 inches of this fluffy white stuff everywhere. He just looked at it. We didn't let him play in it because he had been battling a couch and congestion. Didn't want to make things worse. We did get some pictures, though!

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