{6 Month Check Up}

Mason, we had your 6 month check up on Friday and Dr Gold couldn't have been more pleased with you. She said you are PERFECT and that Mommy and Daddy are doing a wonderful job. It's so amazing to hear those words! Daddy and I sure try our hardest to be the best that we can for our Masonbug!

This makes Daddy Oh-so-Proud!! His little Linebacker :)

Oh and did I mention we think you are going to be left handed? Yep. You use your left hand more than your right.

You got 1 oral, and 4 stick shots. It would have been only 3 but we opted for the flu shot. I am sorry to have put you through another shot. We weighed it out and that little stick was better than you getting the flu. Mommy and Daddy are soooo miserable when we get the flu, so we didn't want that for our precious baby boy. You did pretty well with the shots. You only cried for a bit, but mostly because you were scared. Broke my heart, of course.

Dr Gold would like for us to get off the "Gentle-Ease" formula and switch over to the normal formula sometime between 6-9 months so that we can start getting you ready for whole milk. We are going to finish this can and then start with the new. Praying you do well with it.

Dr Gold said she had enough confidence in Mommy and Daddy and that she didn't need to see you until you are 12 months old. You do have to go back in 1 month, but just for the 2nd part of your flu shot. Eeekk! Dread that one.

Here's a video from later in the day. You were trying to push the button on your carseat!!

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