{29 Weeks}

Our sweet baby boy is now 29 weeks!!!

That's 203 days, 4872 hours, 292,320 minutes that you have been with us Mason!! Most spectacular 292,320 minutes of my life!!

Such a sweet and happy boy at 6 - almost 7 months old. You love to smile and laugh. You rarely ever fuss anymore unless you are hungry or tired. You know who your Mommy and Daddy are, that's for sure. Daddy admitted that he thinks you are going to be a Mommy's boy. I think so too, but shhh! You love your Daddy just as much, though. I love holding you in the evenings and waiting for Daddy to walk into the door. I love to see you both light up when you see each other. Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy!!! You two are my world.

Let’s see, at 28 weeks...

-You give "lovins" Meaning, BIG tight hugs where you even squeeze a little and kisses too!

- You love any toy that lights up and makes sound. We got you a "Rudolf" from Build-A-Bear and you were soooo excited when we brought it home to you. Made Daddy and Mommy so happy!

- You are getting great at “copying” things that Mommy and Daddy do.You make all the same sounds that we do.

- You love to “bounce" and are very hard to hold these days.

- You are taking steps when holding your hands

- Still love your toes.

- Your hair is still growing like crazy.

- Sleeping has been great. You have been so easy to put to bed and sleep really good.

- Still doing well with the solids.

- When on your stomach you’ve gotten into the “crawl” position a few times.

- You love to sit up on your own and play with your toys.

- You've been taking baths with Mommy. So much fun!

- As for clothes – most of your pants are size 6-12 months, 9 months and 12 months, shirts are mostly 12 months, pajamas are mostly 12-18 months. Mommy still loves to dress you. And I know Daddy does too!

- In size 4 diapers now

29 week pictures:

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  1. He is too cute! And WAY too big! Mommy needs to get in these pictures too!


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